Pack - Part 5

5th Nov 2018, 10:03 PM in 8 - Pack
Pack - Part 5
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Author Notes:

PrincessWolf 5th Nov 2018, 10:03 PM
Funny, you'd think with the various bangs of Wolf and Fox's lives, they'd have made more than a few marks in police records.

Ah yeah, back when Wolf still wore a suit like most agents and didn't have her eye scars - placing it before this scene.". This would be shortly after Wolf starts actually working missions placing her at 18 and Fox at 13, making this six years ago. Five years after they came under the organisation's care.

Oooh who might that be, Martha?

(I hear some segments of the audience are fueled on Agent Bear appearances so I gotta give you something every now and then right?)

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princess_lom 5th Nov 2018, 10:58 PM
one of the best stories here. sub!
PrincessWolf 6th Nov 2018, 10:03 PM
Aw, thank you so much and welcome! I'm really glad you're enjoying it! Do you have a favourite character yet?
princess_lom 12th Nov 2018, 11:25 PM
Nah, not yet, but if I will have one I will draw you a fan art :D I just started to read it and cant wait for more :)
PrincessWolf 13th Nov 2018, 9:45 PM
Awesome - if so, I look forward to it! Glad to have you along for the ride!