Loyal Hound - Part 83

23rd Jul 2018, 8:59 PM in 7 - Loyal Hound
Loyal Hound - Part 83
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PrincessWolf 23rd Jul 2018, 8:59 PM
Given Alice just saved the Boss' entire plan to kill their father, and helped secure a lot of new recruits from his gang for them - I suspect they're in a good mood and more willing to let this slide.

Rog on the other hand doesn't really like Alice - and hasn't since they started working together..

In other news, is anyone out there? I see reader numbers every week - thank you so much for coming back each week by the way, please know that I love you all for that - and would really like to hear from you.
I'm going through a bit of a tough time health-wise right now, leaving me a bit low on energy and Ashes consumes a lot of it. I love making the comic, and I'm really looking forward to carrying on the plot - we have a lot of great twists and turns planned - but right now it's almost not feeling worth the energy investment since . . . well, I can't really tell if many people actually like it, or the characters, or are that interested in where this is going. Which is a tad depressing. I just kinda need to know that it's worth it because, however much I like the story, we make it in the hopes that someone out there is enjoying it. I'd like to take a moment to thank those who do comment profusely because it always makes my day to read what you're thinking and respond to you.
That said, I'll ask the question I asked last week about what you want to see in the short break between chapters. I guess if I get no response this time I'll just take a total break from Ashes to work on other stuff and think for a bit.

Here are the options I've got in mind -

1. Same as last time. Slice-of-life moments with the characters set between chapters 7 and 8, funny stuff, cute moments outside the ordinary flow of the story.

2. Some of the characters get together and play a D&D adventure

3. Spider's resarch notes: We visit Spider's lab and she'll take us through all the powered characters we have so far and discuss how their abilities work in-depth

4. A short story following Wolf and Fox as they take a day off to go to a Convention, and meet someone cosplaying the main character of their favourite saturday morning cartoon . . .

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Dan 23rd Jul 2018, 9:37 PM
Gib science pls! I'm intrigued as to the various abilities, plus who doesn't love mad scientist labs?