Fire Suppression, Part 24

14th Mar 2016, 9:53 PM in 6 - Fire Suppression
Fire Suppression, Part 24
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Triggy J 14th Mar 2016, 9:53 PM
Triggy J
Conjuring huge balls of fire does tend to drain the old energy levels. Get that man a sandwich and a nap and maybe some soft blankets.

Is it really a good idea to leave your Wolf unattended?

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Bethany-sensei 15th Mar 2016, 5:37 PM
Uh-oh. Saying "I don't care what you do" to Wolf seems like a pretty solid way to guarantee that you soon will care very VERY much.
Triggy J 15th Mar 2016, 7:25 PM
Triggy J
Wolf probably plays fast and loose with her interpretation of what "out of the way" means!