Fire Suppression, Part 15

11th Jan 2016, 9:58 PM in 6 - Fire Suppression
Fire Suppression, Part 15
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Triggy J 11th Jan 2016, 9:58 PM
Triggy J
Wolf is goin' in the ocean. She's swimmin'! She's underwater!
Slight insight into how the military, Organisation and police differ here. The military handle threats to the security of the country relating to external stuff and border control, both in and out. The police deal with your ordinary criminal matters, but work together with the organisation for their role - rooting out dissent and rebellion against governmental authority, not exactly crimes, but things that are not approved and circumvent government control.

Anyway! Yeah, that's how British people salute. We're weird I know.

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Bethany-sensei 12th Jan 2016, 11:54 PM
Good luck, Wolf!