by Triggy J


In case you missed it, there's a new vote incentive! Go vote and have a gander! Shh! Tell everyone!

by Triggy J

The Week in Comics

Next comic will probably be on Wednesday since I'm working tomorrow and, well, it's New Years Eve! We're going to make curry. 

After that, there will be one on Friday to celebrate January 3rd. 

by Triggy J


Here are three things you need to know - 

1) There will be a page this week, on Friday!

2) The vote incentive has updated, do a vote on us and receive some Fox in return!

3) We are proud to announce the return of two pages per week for the month from approx December 13th to January 13th with the possible exception of the week containing Christmas day!

Whoomp, there it is. See you Friday, folks!



by Triggy J

The Great Work

As far as I can tell . . . page 53 will be out tomorrow! Rejoice! Still a little coursework to do, but I have had enough time to slide a page in. Still, next week is the last week of term, hopefully we'll do two comics per week for a short while until the holiday is over. That's the plan anyway!




by Triggy J

Working on it

Just so you know, I AM working on Page 53, between bits of coursework. I'll try and post it as soon as I can, hopefully next week! That's when my major coursework bits are out of the way! Hang tight!