Blog - An (preemptive) Apology

An (preemptive) Apology

by charlifarli

Ok, first thing's first. You wouldn't believe how long I wondered about that title. 'A (preemptive) apology' vs 'An (preemptive) apology' is a question that consumed me for approximately seconds. Maybe even... minutes. (You get why I'm confused, right? I'm not just rambing about things. 'a' because preemptive, or 'an' because 'apology'? Who knows? When will this paranthesis end? Again, who knows? Probably about now though)

So it's come to my attention that I've never actually written an Ashes blogpost. As the scriptwriter, author, and a blogger, this seems weird. Strange, even. So I decided to rectify that situation. Why did I choose to do it now when I could have been having dinner? Again, who knows? 

To business! I, Charlifarli, am the scriptwriter. This means once a week, without fail, I send TriggyJ an excerpt for him to draw. Sometimes I even manage to send him a couple of pages of script. Those are the good days. Then he draws them, if it's all fine and dandy. If it isn't fine and dandy, he tells me, and I say "oh". And then do some more script, or explain. Mostly I just leave him to it. (even if sometimes his onomatopoeia leaves something to be desired... #bangworksjustaswell)

But sometimes, the days are not good. Sometimes I ... forget. Or, er, 'prioritise other things'. When I say 'other things', I should mean work. I really mean iPlayer/sleep/monopoly/secret agent business.So if the page is late, it's most likely my fault. And I'm sorry. But I'm pretty sure you'll agree it's worth the wait.

Charlifarli out.