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I'm anticipating that the comic might be a little late today. It should still be today, but don't be too worried if it's not up at the usual time! It's on its way. 


by Triggy J

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Just for your information - my current schedule gives me Sunday, Tuesday and most of Wednesday free to do comic work. I spent this Sunday moving in to my new accomodation at University, so this week's page will not be today for certain, possibly tomorrow, but definitely by the end of the week. In future, I'm looking at Wednesday as the default upload day during term time. 


Today I will be uploading a Vote Incentive to Ashes' Top Webcomics account. That means that if you vote for us, there will be a little extra Ashes-related drawing for you to savour. I'm going to upload one of these per week, but that doesn't stop you from voting more often if you so wish! You can vote one per day, per network, per comic and every vote is very, very appreciated! This week's incentive is mega-kawaii, so keep an eye peeled for it later. 

Phew. Thanks for your continued readership of Ashes! I'll catch you guys around. 


TJ, 08/10/13

by Triggy J


Hokay, sorry about this guys, but it looks like the next page will be Tuesday. Turns out I had some coursework to get done for careers management that I forgot existed. So alongside that and my tablet being a spam-monkey last night, it looks like it'll be filler art tomorrow.